Paint protection film (PPF) - R1200GS and R1250GS LC Adventure 2014 on

PPF( stands for paint protection film), stickers, decals set transparent protective film with a self healing finish and you apply it with water

Easy application with just water and is available without or with a map in black or white

Should you get any light scratches, it will “Self Heal” by applying heat with a heated gun or hot water, the film is perfectly clear and does not show orange peel

Paint Protection Film (PPF) is easy to apply with water and should you get light scratches it will self heal with a little hot air

Paint Protection Film is available in clear film or with a printed map

BMW R1200 1250 GS LC ADVENTURE 2014 to now BMW World Stickers and Decals brings PPF paint protection film Decals in transparent glossy finish over white painting model to protect the painting of your bike Detail Sticker Application

Applying your PPF (Paint Protection Film) to Your Motorcycle Is Simple

Full Set application of PPF - No map

Side Tank application of PPF - No map

Centre application of PPF - With map

Without map


With map



Full Set, Top Tank And Side Tank Stickers And Decals For Your R1200/1250GS LC Adventure As Shown Here

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